My name is Harri Kiiskinen and this is my work-oriented blog. It’s written from the viewpoint of a historian, who is also partly archaeologist, very interested in computers and a cautious advocate of quantitative methods in historical sciences. I do not advocate any form of social science history, nor the histoire serielle type of approach, but am convinced, that one can use quantitative approaches in order to understand the past even after the cultural turn. Or perhaps, especially after the cultural turn.

What this blog contains, are personal comments on various practical issues I’ve worked with. Not so much history for the nerds, more some nerdisms for historians. I’m also quite convinced, that Internet has already enough public, online resources for people interested in history, but altogether too little to offer for historian interested in the use of computers in their own work.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi Harri,

    I stumbled over your blog looking for a way to integrate combine.cls into LyX. By the way, I’ve been looking everywhere for a decent LaTeX class for a collection of articles, I can’t believe the clumsy combine.cls should be everything there is considering the huge amount of such collections published.
    Anyway, I had a quick glance at your solution from December, yet I can’t quite make out where to put the definitions. Could you give me a hint or some kind of minimal example how to construct it?
    I’m rather new to LaTeX, so I don’t even know whether your code comes before or after \documentclass or \begin{document} [which results in errors of “command \title already defined], what documentclass I should set the main document to etc.

    If you could shoot me a quick example, I’d be very grateful.

    Best wishes, Jon

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