It was a rather irritating fight, today. It’s been a while since I last tried Emacs’ flyspell mode, which is supposed to check you writing on-the-fly, as the name implies. It works quite well, yes, but I soon got irritated by all the suggested corrections for “-ize” endings, like “centralized” should be replaced by “centralised”, which looks sort of unnatural to me. I had to check the Oxford English Dictionary, which does not even recognize the form “centralise”, and this made me pretty irritated!

Google came to help, or so it seemed. I ended up looking at wordlist packages for Debian etc., but lets cut the story short. The default spell checking program used by flyspell-mode is “ispell”, which is a venerable program, functional, but outdated by, for example, aspell — which then suddenly had tens of various dictionaries available, amongst which I found various with -ize suffixes.

Now, the only question that remains is, why does Emacs Ispell-mode default to ispell instead of aspell?