Just a quick note to record something I just found out, while planning my first poster ever. Of course the first choice, as always when doing layout, is to see, whether it could be done with LaTeX. I just hate the idea of using some WYSIWYG horror, where everything will be inconsistent anyway, no matter how hard you try to Set Things Right.

The natural choice for a poster seems to be the a0poster class, which is designed to set LaTeX properly up for making these huge pages, especially regarding the font and paper sizes. To my surprise, the paper size did not work with pdfLaTeX, but the result was big text on an A4. From some source (lost the site already) I found out, that supposedly the path LaTeX -> PS -> PDF should work, but I’d rather not go there, things are complicated enough when forced to work with XP.

Luckily, the use of geometry package saved me: just include geometry at the beginning of your document with the option a0paper, and the resulting document is A0. Voilà!